Prize: €1,000


In different cities across Europe rumours are spreading of civilians displaying strange symptoms, leading to the belief that a possible infectious disease is circulating. We need you – the people - to help us confirm if this is the case, and if so, where the disease has spread. Help us to locate the infectees in four European cities.  Successful digital volunteers that find all infectees will be offered compensation for their services.

The four cities containing infectees are: Brussels, London, Amsterdam and Thessaloniki. For further details see below – follow us on Twitter for updates: @COSMIC_FP7

The symptoms to be on the lookout for, i.e. descriptions of the infectees will be released here on game day: February 26, 2015, at 08:00 CET and teams have until 15:00 CET to send in their submissions.

Key steps:

  1. Subscribe to this initiative by subscribing on our google form: detailing your team’s name, members and affiliation and/ or location.
  2. Activate your online network: reach out to friends (of friends), colleagues etc. to be on the lookout in the designated European cities.
  3. Together, try to physically locate the infectees wandering the main areas of those cities on game day.
  4. Once an infectee is located, provide evidence to support your claim: get a photograph.
  5. Submit the picture, together with the details of your team, by sending it to our email address (to be announced).

The first team to locate all 4 infectees, or alternatively the team that has found the most infectees within the appointed timeframe, will win €1000,-


Goal: The goal of this game is to provide a real-life example of how social media and crowd sourced efforts can be used in crisis management efforts, as a demonstration of the ideas and initiatives outlined in the COSMIC project. Therefore this event is a non-profit endeavour aimed at garnering greater insight in to the role of social media for crisis management efforts, specifically the mobilization of citizens.

Follow-up: the winner of the event will be announced at the COSMIC final conference that will be held in Brussels on February 26th 2015. Later on, the specifics such as the strategies used and any data derived from the simulation will be published.

Teams: It is explicitly allowed to form collaborations with other individuals in order to achieve the goal. However, this should not include cooperation with companies, agencies or any other organizations.

Prize: there is 1 prize of €1000 to be rewarded. It will be handed to the team leader, therefore 1 individual. Any aspects on the further distribution of this prize are in the team leaders hands.

Infectees: Prior to the start of the event a description and picture of each infectee will be published on this website. During the event all the ‘infectees’ will be dressed according to this description. The infectee will be going about his/her day in a ‘normal way’: they will roam public places, e.g. malls, shopping areas and transport systems located in the main area of the relevant city.

Admissions: Submit updates to the allocated e-mail address throughout the day when you have located an infectee. Time is up at 15:00 CET.

  • Each e-mail should contain:
    • Team name
    • Photo of the infectee – the photograph must clearly depict the infectee and must include and clearly depict the specific verification code that every infectee carries, and that is unknown to those outside the events organization
    • City where the infectee was located

There will not be any feedback to verify if an admission is correct until after the event has ended.

Strategy: Participants should devise their own strategy.

Tip: Consider using social media to ask members of your network in the designated cities to function as ‘spotters’: look out for the infectee in this city, snap a picture and forward this to the team. After which the team can submit this by email.

Where to look for our infectees?

Brussels: Rue Neuve- Opéra de la Monnaie - Grande Place, Rue d’Arenberg et Rue du Marché aux herbes, Bd Anspach until Bourse. The map of the area is available here.
Amsterdam: Spuistraat- Kloverniersburgwal- Geldersekade and Prins Hendrikkade
London: Wigmore Street to the north, Tottenham Court Road to the East, Regent St to the West, Shaftsbury Ave to the South.
Thessaloniki: Ίωνος Δραγούμη (Ionos Dragoumi), Λεωφόρος Νίκης (Leoforos Nikis), Νικολάου Γερμανού (Nikolaou Germanou), Αγγελάκη (Aggelaki), Εθνικής Αμύνης (Ethnikis Amynis), Αγίου Γεωργίου (Agiou Georgiou), Δημητρίου Γούναρη (Dimitriou Gounari), Εγνατία (Egnatia)

The map of the area is available here.

Volunteer in Brussels

Volunteer in London

Volunteer in Thessaloniki

Volunteer in Amsterdam

The official hashtag for this game is: #COSMICgame

Only the information posted on this website may be used to identify the infectees.