11. Cooperate with and adapt to emergent group initiatives on social media during crises and encourage citizens to do so, too

After a crisis many citizens and organizations (for example NGO’s) will undertake immediate action and set up initiatives on social media to provide aid and information to others. Aligning with existing initiatives can increase the effectiveness by e.g., making it easier to find access to all relevant information shared by these initiatives.

Key steps: 
  • Support emerging initiatives on social media. For instance, promote emergent initiatives that are helpful for citizens and support these initiatives with resources.
  • Promote the use of social media applications that are already widely used during the crisis situation through, among others, social media. For instance, you could encourage the use of Google’s Person Finder (an application which helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of crises) instead of using a different application. 
  • When sharing information check if there are hashtags which are already in use and use those if possible.
  • Stay in contact with citizens who are already tweeting (or blogging etc.) about the crisis and have a great outreach to the public to share information.
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