1. Direct people to after care initiatives & encourage them to care for each other

Crises can have a severe impact on the psychosocial well-being of citizens. Social media applications can be used to encourage citizens to take care of each other (e.g., to encourage self-help groups or story sharing through blogging). In addition, social media applications such as smart phone applications could be developed in which people can do a self-test to see whether they should search for psychosocial trauma care.

Key steps: 
  • Consider developing an application that people can use to see whether they should seek help:
    • Develop a list of symptoms which can indicate psychological trauma
    • Formulate questions in order to measure if citizens show these symptoms
  • Make sure that people can use this application in order to identify possible psychological trauma of others.
  • Provide information about where and how people can seek professional help if necessary.
  • Provide information on the ways to cope and about where and how to find relating initiatives, like self-help groups or story sharing blogs.

In 2006, several public authorities, including the Turkish Red Crescent, Social Service Experts Association, Turkish Psychiatry Association founded the Union of Psychosocial Services for Disasters. In the aftermath of the mine disaster in Soma (2014) the union quickly established a treatment centre to assist the public in the affected area. The Turkish Psychiatry Association used Twitter to disseminate a request for qualified volunteers to provide psychosocial support, including therapy sessions, to the community.

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