2. Elicit resources for the recovery

In the aftermath of a crisis, social media can play an important role in crisis recovery, for example for fundraising purposes. You can set up your own online initiatives, but also stimulate others to set up initiatives by e.g., creating awareness and providing information as to what aid is still needed. Furthermore existing initiatives, both on or off social media, can be promoted through social media.

Key steps: 
  • Set-up online initiatives through which citizens can contribute.
  • Inform communities and citizens what help is still required.
  • Inform citizens which initiatives exist and how they can contribute:
    • Distribute giro numbers for fundraising efforts.
    • List on-going volunteer efforts and opportunities e.g., in reconstruction or (mental) after care.
  • Thank communities and citizens for their contributions and show what they are being used for to ensure continuous willingness to help out.

The Red Cross’ Haiti relief fund raised more than $32 million through texting in just a couple of weeks.  People were able to donate $10 by texting to the American Red Cross.  Social media played a key role since Twitter, YouTube and Facebook were filled with messages from survivors and photos of the devastation as well as information about aid efforts.

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