5. Utilize the momentum and inform citizens about the risks they face

Citizens only prepare for those crises that they perceive to have a significant threat to themselves or their relatives; in the absence of danger, individuals do not like to think about any possible negative consequences of a crisis situation. As such the momentum of a recent crisis can be used to educate citizens about this risk (and sometimes some specific related risks in their local environment) and motivate them to undertake some preparatory actions.

Key steps: 
  • Develop a (smartphone) application that citizens can use in case of crises or your organization can use to warn a specific target group who faces a threat.
  • Promote the use of this application through social media etc.

Earthquakes are (the most) prominent natural disasters in Turkey and therefore are emphasized in preparedness activities. The Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) of Turkey used social media (including YouTube) to promote its new smartphone application for earthquake updates.

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