1. Create and stimulate networks

The stronger your network the more people you can mobilize, so invest in your network. It is not necessarily about the number of followers or connections you have yourself, but also the ‘quality’ of those connections. You need to connect to the right people. Connecting to a few individuals with well-established networks can have a much greater impact than just randomly connecting to as many people as possible. So try and use and build from pre-existing networks.

Key steps: 
  • Form crowdsourcing networks, starting pre-crisis will enhance the chances of success.
    • Use the idea of “network parties”.
  • Maintain the continuity of “public forums”.
  • Ensure a broad scope:
    • Use blogs and social media to reach a large group of people in a short time.
    • Use English as a second language.

After Hurricane Sandy struck eastern US in October 2012, participants from the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement were quick to use their existing networks to mobilize to help local communities recover.

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