The Truth About Followers and Likes in Emergency Services

“Follower count” and the number of “likes” received do not really matter.  It is easy to buy “likes” through a variety of websites and through other means. However, in the emergency services field, high follower counts indicate two things: Either an agency has acquired followers through sponsorship or they have had a disaster which drove internet traffic their way during an incident.

It is true that all emergency agencies should see surges in their followings during emergency incidents, if they are engaged actively on social media.  People will naturally follow your accounts if you are providing good information that helps them remain self-sufficient during a time of crisis.  These are the types of likes and followers that you want.

In 2011, Facebook introduced “EdgeRank” and since then, it has been increasingly difficult for your full audience to see the messages that are posted by an agency or business. What this means, however, is that the key metric you should be watching is whether your messages are being shared with others online.  As the video in the link explains, Facebook looks for how much engagement your posts receive.  The more natural engagement, the more ways Facebook will move the message so that others can see it. Watch the video here for more information.