Guidelines for the use of new media by the public in crisis situations

The COSMIC consortium is proud to announce that the first draft version of the 'Guidelines for the use of new media by the public in crisis situations' is published online. The guidelines are one of the core products of the COSMIC project, which is funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

The draft report provides guidelines that citizens may help in the optimal use of social media during crisis situations. Tips and tricks are formulated for the different roles that citizens can take during crises. Aim of the guidelines is to improve social media usage during crisis situations in order to make citizens more self-reliant and consequently increase their safety and security. Guidelines specially aimed at governmental authorities and private organizations are in preparation.

We would like to invite practitioners in the field of crisis and emergency management, social media experts, (social) scientists and social media users to provide feedback on the first version of the guidelines. Feel free to provide your feedback on this page. You can provide your feedback through our LinkedIn page: