Interview with Dr. Lemi Baruh, member of COSMIC project

One of the key members of the COSMIC project, Dr. Lemi Baruh, Assistant Professor at Koc University, was interviewed by the citizen journalism blog “The NewsMeBack Blog” last week.

In the interview, Dr. Baruh explains the purpose and objectives of the COSMIC project, which seeks to explore the participation of ordinary citizens and their contributions in a time of crisis. He highlights that the project was inspired by the growing body of literature, which suggests that citizen journalism has a great potential to challenge the monopoly that mainstream media has over gatekeeping, agenda setting and sense making functions. Social media has given citizens the opportunity to provide important witness accounts of disasters and emergencies. Without social media, these viewpoints might otherwise not be accessible.

Dr. Baruh also discusses the media, citizen journalism and the current situation regarding media and information systems in Turkey. Read the full interview here.