Second COSMIC workshop in the Netherlands

The workshop in the Netherlands was held on February 27th 2014 at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, and was attended by fifty-three participants including the COSMIC project members and keynote speakers.

The workshop focused on the identification of new media methods and techniques, as used in the Netherlands, to improve the assistance (including search and rescue) to citizens during, and immediately following a crisis. Particular attention was placed on two processes: alerting citizens and engaging citizens, for example, by the police. Secondly, it aimed to get an overview of the scientific knowledge of the effects and/or impact of these methods during crises.

Participants represented safety regions in the Netherlands (incl. fire brigade), the National Police Force, municipalities, water boards, press, private companies (vital infrastructure) and research institutions. As it was organised in the Netherlands, the Dutch member of the Advisory Board, Arnout de Vries, from TNO, had the opportunity to attend the workshop.


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