First COSMIC workshop in Greece

On 15th February 2014, COSMIC held a stakeholder engagement workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece. The workshop provided a multi-disciplinary space for stakeholders interested in the contribution of new media to crisis management activities. At the workshop, COSMIC presented its key findings and gave participants an opportunity to discuss these results and provide their own insights and experiences. This feedback will be taken into consideration for the development of the guidelines for citizens, government authorities, first responders and industry for the most effective use of ICTs to aid citizen security during a crisis.

The discussions at the workshop highlighted several key points and conclusions. Firstly, the workshop found that there is limited use and exploitation of social media from the Greek public agencies that are involved in disasters and major accidents; furthermore, they found that the communication among public authorities is essentially obsolete. There is a need to develop a protocol, i.e. an action scenario that will be followed by the involved agencies in emergency cases and there is a need to raise awareness about Meteoalarm (a web-based service to warn people travelling in Europe of severe weather). Participants stressed the importance of social media and cross-checking information, along with increased communication among public agencies.


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